It’s all about the shizz …


Shizz Coaching is a soul centred enterprise dedicated to supporting and empowering women to get in touch with their innate shizzness, and bring it to fruition, in the context of their personal and professional lives.

Shizz Coaching brings vim, vigour and va va voom to the sometimes arduous, but always fascinating,  work of personal change and professional development through mindfulness, creativity, action inquiry and other energising and transformational approaches drawn from all corners.

A Shizz coaching session might involve visualisation, thought mapping, journal writing, life sculpting or just engaging in deep dialogue about what is going on for you to generate options for how you want to move forward and help you to make that inner shift.

Shizz courses use working in circle, mindfulness and powerful ways of connecting with yourself and others including dialogue walking in nature, and life sculpting with toys and materials.

While our seminars , or shizzinars, bring women from all walks of life together  to connect, share, explore, laugh, learn and grow together in whatever dimension of shizzness they have chosen to focus on.

Shizz coaching offers one to one coaching packages,   small group programmes, courses and shizzinars which aim to support, empower, inspire and enable women to get serious about moving forward in their chosen direction while having fun doing it.

To find out more  check out the rest of the website,  or drop us a line using the contact form below.