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I am a professionally qualified coach with an advanced diploma in business coaching. My training is psychodynamic and draws on Transactional Analysis Theory, which acknowledges  the role of the unconscious in human action and interaction – in other words the ways in which we get in our own way without realising it.

Pyschodynamic coaching allows you to get below the surface level, to look at communication and behaviour in more depth and to bring about change that is transformational and long lasting.  I am also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – a mindfulness based approach to coaching which focuses on expanding our capacity to be resilient and flexible and make more positive and healthy choices to improve our daily lives and achieve our goals.

I am an experienced  organisational development practitioner , specialising in leadership development, collaborative leadership , hosting conversations and facilitating multi stakeholder dialogue around challenging and complex issues.

My roots are in community empowerment and community development work using theatre and the arts where I cut my teeth on many of the skills I still use and the values which still underpin my practice – equality, diversity, community, inclusivity, enablement, empowerment, connection, collaboration and belonging.

In my coaching and development practice I draw on my creativity, writing and theatre skills, my facilitation experience,   my coaching practice and my ongoing commitment to mindfulness in my approach which aims to bring women into present moment awareness of their state of mind and heart in order to tune into what is really important and begin to move towards their goals, dealing with unhelpful thoughts and feelings as they arise.

If you would like to explore further what coaching might have to offer you I have a number of coaching programmes which may be of interest which you can read about here   or drop me a line and I can call you for an informal chat.   Or alternatively email me here. 

If you would like to peruse the courses and seminars we are offering this year you will find full details here .  Don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions about our programme.   Courses and seminars may be co-hosted with one or more of my associates.

If you would like to discuss how we can work with you to build the capacity of your group or organisation,  facilitate a workshop, host a conversation or deliver a course or programme for you drop me a line and I will be in touch as soon as womanly possible.  It is likely that commissions of any size will be co-delivered with one of my associates


Pauline Meikleham is a psychodynamic coach and development facilitator living near Dundee in Scotland.

If you would like more information about Pauline’s work and how she can help you fulfil your vision for change and development , whether individually, organisationally or with regards to a specific group, network or community,  please leave your contact details below.