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Get Your Shizz Together: Women’s Coaching & Development Programme.    

Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and other locations by request, year round.

Get Your Shizz Together is a group coaching and development programme for women which will support you in identifying your true goals, and in removing the internal and external barriers to achieving them.

It’s worth remembering that a tiny shift in direction, a small change in how you think, a modest adjustment to your habits and routines, can create substantial positive changes further down the road.

This programme  focuses on personal transformation from the inside out.  Using coaching, journaling, mindfulness and a range of creative tools, you will work within a small group setting over 5 full day sessions (once a month)  to get to the heart of what really matters to you and begin to reshape your life in line with your true values and identity, learning how to deal with unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours, tapping into the power of working in circle with like minded women.

Next course begins August 13th , for details or to book click on FB  link below or email for full course description, dates and costs.

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Short Sharp Shizz: Women Mean Business

One Day Intensive Shizzinars taking place across Scotland.  

A Shizzinar is a spectacular gathering of women from all walks of  life who have come together to connect, share, explore, laugh, learn and grow together in whatever dimension of shizzness they have chosen to gather around.

in ‘Short Sharp Shizz’ the focus is on women in business and in organisations.  Women who have ideas and want to make them happen. Women who see potential and want to bring it into reality.  Women seeking to develop their capacity for leadership, learning and managing change.   Women who have skills and want to deploy them to more powerful effect.  Women who want to take their business, team, organisation or skill to another level and get their shizz together without delay.

This Shizzinar takes place over one intensive day which begins in the morning with tea and biscuits and ends in the evening with cocktails and canapés. Which starts with a group of disparate women with separate lives, goals and challenges, and ends with a vibrant new community of women leaders, movers and shakers,  bonded by their experiences and a shared commitment to absolute shizzness.

Short Sharp Shizz: Edinburgh 24th Nov 2017  Booking Now!

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 The Shizz on Holiday

7 day Social combining fun and frolics with a focus on self discovery and personal development.  

The Shizz on Holiday is a unique opportunity to spend a week with women from wide ranging backgrounds and bond as a group around self exploration , discovery and development in a  beautiful setting.   This is not a spiritual retreat or a health programme , there is no compulsion to do yoga, to meditate, to fast or to exercise, although you are welcome to do any or all of these things if you wish.

The Shizz on Holiday invites you to come together with a great group of women from all walks of life united by the desire to discover and bring more of themselves into their lives and work, to become more self knowing, self accepting, self loving and self caring, to discover their potential and connect with their true essence,  to enjoy themselves hugely, and to return to their lives with a shizztastic plan for how they want to go forward in future.

There is a core programme, augmented by a range of optional extra activities and of course lots of free time to socialise or take time alone, to relax, or explore, to read, or walk or eat and drink, whatever you fancy doing – its your holiday!

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The Empress Writes Back


Creative Writing Programmes for Women

The Empress Writes Back is the umbrella for a range of fantastical enjoyable emotional and inspirational creative writing experiences for women, from one day workshops to immersive retreats.

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