An enlightening and exhilarating journey of self-discovery. Mindfulness and self-appreciation is developed through group work and collaboration, undertaken in a beautiful woodland setting. Pauline skilfully leads the group through a series of activities which build towards a total understanding of how we get “stuck,” in negative mental models in our daily lives, and what we can do to positively restore ourselves. In other words, how we can become our own best selves.   – Carol

I don’t think anyone has listened to me quite as carefully as Pauline did during our coaching sessions. This was only eclipsed by her skilful knack of pulling out significant areas and details and explaining how they related to the bigger picture. Her amazing insights helped me realise what was important in my life and gave me the direction and confidence I needed in order to pursue the things I wanted. I am undertaking a masters course, which I love, and I am feeling xcited about my future possibilities and potential. – Al

It seemed like a rare opportunity to stumble upon a women’s coaching programme which spoke to my heart as this did, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Half way through the course, I feel so much more in control of myself along with a deeper understanding and appreciation for my thoughts and feelings. The context around the programme – from the gorgeous, peaceful setting to the heartwarming food – really sets the tone for a feeling of trust, respect and comfort from the group. The women I’ve shared my journey thus far with have been strong, vulnerable, deeply kind and respectful. Being part of this group, sharing each other’s journeys and insights, and taking time away from the bigger world to really focus on ourselves feels like such a precious, important thing to have done. Pauline could not be a more perfect facilitator with her authentic and compassionate being. It’s clear that this is a real passion for her and that flows through all of her work, from the way she brings the group together in a circle of trust, to the understanding and thoughtfulness of the content she provides. I already feel like this course is helping to get me on the path I want to lead my life and it’s such a relief to know that it’s all well within my powers.  – Cat

My thoughts after a brilliant session today: I accept my struggle and know that I have the patience and the trust in myself to do what is right. Thank you wonderful women for your generosity of spirit  – Alison

I’ve been noticing a real sense of acceptance and oneness with myself and my place in the world after leaving the sessions, which is a great feeling for me. Lots of positive things to come out of today. Thanks for being so supportive. – Catriona

I felt a real shift in self-awareness during this session, it felt like a fantastic awakening. Being able to share issues without being judged was very liberating for me. Thank you! – Carol

Working within a gentle and safe circle space with women I trust to explore the ideas and practice of acceptance has given me great insight into my thought processes and feelings.  Amazing experience that I would highly recommend – Alison

Fantastic workshop, amazing soup, lovely walk  – Elaine